Books: Corvette Sixty Years

Books: Corvette Sixty Years

9780760342312 243x300 Books: Corvette Sixty YearsAs the Corvette calendar rolls over 60 years, author Randy Leffingwell, has put together a beautiful history of America’s sports car, from concept to ZR-1 and all the excitement in between.

Place Corvette Sixty Years on your coffee table and it’s bound to be a favorite page turner, but better yet prop it in your lap and turn the pages slowly and learn everything you’ve never known about the legendary two-seater.

In its heyday, General Motors after World War II, was selling every car they could make, but the cars lacked excitement.  A few visionaries within the company realized that this image could cause long-term problems and set about injecting some excitement into the bow-tie division.  The result was the birth of one of the most illustrious sports cars, not just in America, but in the world.

The 1953 Corvette showed the world that GM was serious about building a performance car. Because it sprang from modest origins, the original Corvette was a modest car, with a six-cylinder engine lifted from one of Chevrolet’sphoto 70 300x225 Books: Corvette Sixty Years

sedans, but almost immediately, a team of engineers and designers began to tap into the car’s potential; within a few years, Chevrolet’s little fiberglass car went from being an underpowered poser to a championship-winning 71 300x225 Books: Corvette Sixty Years

The book also has a chapter on the Corvette’s impressive racing history and another on the social aspect of being a Corvette 68 248x300 Books: Corvette Sixty Years

Corvette: Sixty Years celebrates the history of this fabled machine, from the initial six-cylinder convertible of 1953 to the mind-boggling 640-horsepower ZR1 of today. Through first-person interviews with all the key players

and stunning archival and modern photography, author Randy Leffingwell brings the Corvette story to life just in time for Corvette’s 60th Anniversary in 69 287x300 Books: Corvette Sixty Years

The large format hardcover book contains 256 pages with 246 color and 142 black and white photos.  It sells for $50 in the U.S. and is available in bookstores or online from the publisher at  Corvette Sixty Years is published by Motorbooks, and imprint of Quayside Publishing Group, the world’s leading publisher of automotive, motorcycle and motorsport books for 72 300x225 Books: Corvette Sixty Years



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